Learning Design – Mobile learning

In todays world, there Is no doubt that most families own a or many computers, mobile phones, ipods etc. Computers have evolved from desktops, to laptops, to mobile phones, to smart phones to tablet pc. These devices have been used to connect to the internet and connect to the people around the world.
When I attended my lecture, I was surprised about the idea of using a smart phone in the classrooms.
A smart phone in dictionary.com is defined as a mobile phone with advanced capabilities that is similar to a Personal Computer.

Even today when I attend university, mobile phones are not to be used in the classroom. Questions are always asked whether they are been used for classroom purposes or own personal use. When practicing a trivia activity during my lecture using our phones to find the answers, I discovered how quickly answers were retrieved straight away via connecting to the internet. I would have to say its amazing being able to connect anywhere at any time!!!

There also seems to be an issue surrounding the use of mobiles in a learning environment.
These concerns are graphed below which were in my lecture notes:

I personally would not necessarily agree with using mobile learning in a classroom environment. Even in a controlled learning environment, it causes learners to lose concentration and get distracted and its hard to keep up with what students are doing on their phones. There is also an issue of memory left on the phone to save work.
Another cool feature of smart phones is the ability to download applications or programs which help the user to perform one or many tasks. E.g. Google Earth for iphone, ipad and ipod touch – which lets you view high resolution imagery and maps from all parts of the world; Star Walk App which is used to see stars in real time at a specific location.

The use of mobile learning in the classroom can assist a variety of learning styles if used effectively.
Teachers can provide activities such as quizzes in order for learners to think on their feet quickly. By providing fun and exploration activities, students can become creative.

Lecture 5 notes

Video and Images:
Mobile learning (iPhone). (2008). Retrieved April 13, 2011 from http://www.youtube.com/embed/w7bsOdbhZWI?rel=0

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