ICT as a cognitive tool – Webquests

What’s a webquest?

As defined in my lecture notes today, a webquest is a form of a structured research project which is completed online. As Dodge (1995) mentions, webquests are a set of activities deliberately designed to make the best use of a learner’s time by having clear tasks to complete to reach the final goal. Most of the time the student would use the internet and may use other computer devices to complete tasks such as Microsoft word template and paint. They can be designed for all ages and all school years.

An example of a webquest is below:

When we designed our own webquests, the basic titles were:
– Introduction
– Task
– Process
– Resources
– Assessment
– Conclusion
– Teacher notes

Dodge (1995) suggests and what some of my teachers would say is that webquests should be motivational. A way of doing this is to give the students a role such as pretending to be a scientist, detective, nutritionist, news reporter etc. this should also come in hand with having a scenario.

I found the webquests to be quite entertaining but at the same time quite challenging to build a meaningful experience for the students. Been simple is the best policy.

Webquests cater for a variety of learning styles by providing a variety of links to access images and web links to cater for completing the activities.

The key is to create a webquest which is suitable for the right age group and needs of the learners.
Webquests can be used to cover a variety of KLA’s and provide links to explore their way through the tasks.
Whether completing webquests as a group or individually, the links and tasks provided to learners is what gives them opportunities to how creative they can be. So because of this, it is important to provide them with these opportunities such as getting them to use the Prezi program to develop and present what they have learnt in their own way.


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