Digital natives debate

This was a very interesting lecture – the concept of digital natives and digital immigrants. According to Presky (2001), a digital immigrant is someone who was born before 1980 and a digital native is someone who was born between 1980 and 1994. It looks as though the benefits for digital natives is that they grew up using technology and understand how it works. The funny thing is at my age of 26, I’m still struggling with having to keep up with technology. I can’t seem to get my head a round certain technological devices and constantly have to get help from my 15 year old brother, whom is on the computer all the time, would rather interact with friend via skype and constantly use video games. According to Presky (2001) these students can now “think and process information fundamentally differently”.

He further implies that we need to adjust the way we teach student’s in order to adapt to their way of thinking via the use of technology in which some are dependent on. I think it is important that these digital immigrants have a go at using the new ways of doing things and technologies.

Bennet, Maton and Kervin (2008) suggest that digital native learners are actively experimenting, are great at multitasking and dependent on technologies to get information and interact with others.

(Click picture for more detailed information – only opens with inspiration program)

The above flowchart created by using Inspiration software, is an example of a technique digital immigrants can efficiently learn how to use and digital natives can easily adapt to. It can accommodate a variety of learning styles because the learner can integrate different digital media types such as sounds, images and sites.

This tool can be implemented as a good cognitive tool within the learning environment by completing tasks such as brain storming ideas they may already have about a particular topic. They might like to share their ideas with other students which gets them thinking even more.

Students can be as creative as they like with this program – adding further ideas on to their page – add own music, video clips, favourite colours etc.


Bennett, S., Maton, K., Kervin, L. (2008). The “digital natives” debate: A critical review of the evidence. Retrieved from 10 April, 2011 from

Prensky, M. (2001). Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants. Retrived 10 April, 2011 from,%20Digital%20Immigrants%20-%20Part1.htm

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